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Orange ISP customer revealed as most spammed individual in UK

Orange ISP customer revelaved as most spammed individual in UK

The UK’s only guaranteed anti-spam company has today announced the Top 5 most spammed UK individuals; receiving between 3,900 and 44,000 spam emails each day. 3 out of the 5 most spammed UK customers have an Orange Internet Service Provider (ISP) and in total have around 33,612 spam emails blocked every day and 12,268,380 spam emails blocked each year.

A leading UK based anti-spam software company, ClearMyMail, has today announced the UK’s Top 5 most spammed email accounts that it protects, receiving a total of 3,900 – 44,000 spam emails each day. Three of these customers have an Orange ISP and in total have around 63,339 spam emails blocked every day and 23,118,735 spam emails blocked every year.

Top 5 most spammed UK customers;

1 – 44,001 emails blocked per day - Orange ISP
2 – 13,578 – Orange ISP
3 – 12,428 – Private domain using 123-reg/GX Networks
4 – 5,760 – Orange ISP
5 – 3,982 – Private domain using 123-reg/GX Networks

Orange customer, Colin Wells – Workshop Foreman for Stagecoach buses – has the most spammed UK inbox and ClearMyMail blocks more than 44,000 emails from entering Wells’ inbox every day, amounting to around 16 million every year.

Wells was receiving an ever-increasing number of spam emails and was spending the best part of 2 hours every day deleting these emails from his account. A rival company offered Wells a simple and easy-to-use solution; download all the emails, tick the box beside any unwanted emails and the spam would automatically bounce back to the sender. The problem was however, Wells was receiving so many spam emails each day that this became very time consuming, especially when his daily intake of spam reached almost 10,000.

In 2007, Wells discovered, which promised to be 100% effective against junk mail. The principal of ClearMyMail is that its effective filters deal with any obvious spam, preventing it from reaching the users inbox. Any ambiguous emails can be checked by the user with zero risk and can either be confirmed as spam, and therefore deleted, or regarded as a safe email address, and any future mail from this address will be recognised as genuine.

Colin Wells from Exeter, comments;

“ClearMyMail came along at just the right time – my only other option was to change my email address which I’ve had for years and is connected to all my log-on details for various sites, but it was getting to the point where I couldn’t see any other alternative.”

“The software was quick, easy and hassle-free to set up, without the need to download any software to my computer. With my previous spam software, 44,000 emails per day would have meant spending at least hours every day selecting junk emails; taking a week’s holiday would have been an complete nightmare but now, despite having the UKs most spammed inbox, it doesn’t worry me at all!”

Dan Field, Managing Director from ClearMyMail, said;

“We are delighted to be able to eliminate the time consuming and frustrating task of sieving through thousands of emails every day. On average, Mr. Wells receives about 0.01% of legitimate emails and his spam stats are getting bigger and bigger. We are happy to work with all ISPs like Orange, to help prevent stats like these from reoccurring, but for now we are pleased to continue preventing these hoax emails from reaching users inboxes.”

Field continued;

“Email spam and fraud is a growing problem and one that generic filters cannot deal with; by offering ClearMyMail to their customers, ISPs would be able to offer a fully usable and safe email service.”

UK based ClearMyMail is the only company in the world to offer a complete no spam guarantee. The software prevents all forms of spam and phishing emails, cutting out the risk of fraud. ClearMyMail offers a free 30-day trial of their antispam service.

The system has the ability to also stop the new wave of "image-spam" that has been increasingly hitting in-boxes.

ClearMyMail is the first anti-spam software company to receive a 5-Star award from WebUser magazine.

The business has recently won an award for innovation and was short listed for several technical industry awards in 2007.

For more information, or to arrange an interview with Dan Field, MD of ClearMyMail please contact or 01536 201 890.


ClearMyMail has been featured in and on the likes of BBC Radio 2, The Times, WebUser, ComputerActive, PC Answers, VNU Net and more.

ClearMyMail has users from over 100 countries Users keep their own email address and mail can still be used via outlook and all usual mail software packages.

The software is compatible with Mac’s and PC’s The software works with any standard email account. Every customer receives a free 30-day trial.

ClearMyMail is the world’s only spam blocker that guarantees you will not receive spam and costs £18/year, for each account.

“The ultimate in its class. If you want the best, this is it", PC Answers Magazine

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ClearMyMail is the world's only 100% guaranteed spam blocker, stopping all spam and other unwanted emails before they reach your computer.

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