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Phishing Email

Phishing Email Check List

The simple steps below will help you recognize Phishing emails. This is a growing guide which we will update when new Phishing techniques are discovered.

Don't trust the "From:" address of an email
The "From" address of an email message can easily be faked. The email may appear to of come from your bank (E.g. but this can very easily be forged.

Don't trust clickable links within an email
All Phishing emails will use fake websites to steal personal information. These fake website can look identicle to the legitimate versions, so do not rely on a clickable link within an email.

If in doubt, never click a link on an email
If you have any doubts that the email is fake, don't click the link within the email. You should go direct to the companies website by manually typing in the address (E.g. Key in instead of clicking the link in the email).

Bank and other financial organisations will never ask you for your password in an email
Never give out your online banking passwords to anyone by email.
Never enter your online banking passwords into a website unless you have manually entered the web address into your web browser.

Look for spelling mistakes or the wrong names of companies
If an email contains spelling mistakes or miss-uses a company name then it could be a sign that it is a fake.

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