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The Anatomy of a Phishing Website

The image below is taken from a Phishing website aimed at Natwest bank customers. The same techniques used on this fake website apply to almost all other Phishing websites...

Natwest Bank Phishing Website

Natwest Phishing Website Key 1 The Address Type (HTTP Vs. HTTPS)
All web addresses start with either HTTP or HTTPS. The S signifies that the website is using a secure connection. If you have clicked a link that is claiming to be from a financial organisation, where you are asked for personal information never supply the details unless the address type is HTTPS. Remeber though, the Phishing gangs can also use HTTPS security so this is only one part of the address your should check...

Natwest Phishing Website Key 2 The URL or Web Address
In this case the web address is:
Now, to begin with we can see that is isn't using HTTPS so the data we send is not secured. That is our first warning sign.

Next we can see the actual web address starts off looking like it is legitimate, - this is a correct address. But... what comes next means that we are not actually reading a page from there, it is simply a sub-domain of the website which is where we are actaully sending our personal information to if we enter it here!

Natwest Phishing Website Key 3 Asking for your cash card number
Your bank will never ask you for your cash card number or your cash card PIN number. If the website asks for this do not supply it.

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