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Phishing Email

How ClearMyMail can protect your from Phishing emails

ClearMyMail is the worlds only guaranteed spam blocker, blocking 100% of email spam before it reaches your computer.

Multi-stage Spam, virus and Phishing Protection
ClearMyMail uses a bespoke set of 18 separate spam, virus and Phishing email filters to correctly block all unwanted emails before they reach your computer.

Every email that is sent to your address will be passed through each of our filters and removed before you download any mail, saving you time and cutting out any risk of fraud or virus infection.

Our award winning technology is able to scan inside each message to find out if they are linking through to a Phishing website and safely remove the message before you know it is there.

For more information on the ClearMyMail Guaranteed Spam Blocker please select one of the options below.

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PC Answers Editors Choice Award 95%
PC Answers Aug, 2007

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